ESCOM Conference 2017

In this blog post we present a few of the highlights of the 2017 European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM) conference, written from two perspectives, by Scott Bannister (PhD student) and Kelly Jakubowski (Postdoc). Scott’s perspective: Over the past few weeks, the field of music and science has been busy, with two … Continue reading ESCOM Conference 2017

Mind the Discipline Gap

The Interpersonal Entrainment in Music Performance (IEMP) project is an international collaboration between researchers who share a common interest in how musicians play in time together and how aspects of musical timing/coordination vary cross culturally. As the project involves around 20 researchers from various disciplines including ethnomusicology, music psychology, and computer science, it is not … Continue reading Mind the Discipline Gap

Music, visual imagery, and emotions

We have plenty of parallels between the visual and auditory domains. Just think of how the word "brightness" is used to describe not only colours but also sounds. Music can also go "up" and it can give rise to elaborate visual narratives. Some applications draw direct parallels with visual information and how to play the … Continue reading Music, visual imagery, and emotions

Now That’s What I Call Chills! A Growing Playlist for ‘Chills Music’

There is a wonderful variety of experiences that any one person can have with music. Perhaps you have been compelled to head bang to Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’, or to show off your flawless funk to Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’. Or, if you’re like me, you have at one point played (perfectly) the ‘air piano’ whilst … Continue reading Now That’s What I Call Chills! A Growing Playlist for ‘Chills Music’

What is an impact of an article? (Part II)

As described in Part I (What is an impact of an article?), there are several ways of assessing the merits of an article. Article-level metrics avoid some of the problems associated with the publication forums and the costs involved in expert evaluations, but these do introduce other dilemmas worth discussing. An article may sometimes be cited for reasons … Continue reading What is an impact of an article? (Part II)

What is an impact of an article? (Part I)

We all strive to do and publish high quality research and most of us think we know such work when reading it, but how do we collectively gauge the quality of journal articles? And why should we try to weigh scholarly outputs anyway? Well, such appraisal might be attractive and useful when describing the overall … Continue reading What is an impact of an article? (Part I)

How WEIRD is music psychology?

A recent criticism of psychological research is that it is WEIRD. Yes, it is a bit weird that psychologists spend most of our days subjecting participants to hours-long tasks where they should press the key on the left if they hear ‘BLEEP’ and the key on the right if they hear ‘BLOOP’, but the ‘WEIRD’ … Continue reading How WEIRD is music psychology?