We hold these MSL (short for Music and Science Lab) sessions every two weeks, on Tuesdays at 1:30 to 3:00 pm (U.K. time). We are trialling hybrid meetings this year; in-person attendees will meet in the Music Technology Studio, while remote participants will be sent a Zoom link to join.

We support and promote empirical research on music and science and do this via discussions, presentations, readings, getting to know methods, techniques, and research designs and themes and working together to improve the present research. The members represent a diverse range of academic career stages, from faculty members to MA students, PhD students, and postdocs to occasional undergraduate students.

In our lab meetings, we are supportive, welcoming and inclusive and every participant can contribute equally to the meetings. We typically start with casual, informal updates from each participant. We then have a guest speaker or a topic of a discussion lined up (or both) and we also we welcome proposals for short ideas and presentation that benefit from the collective feedback. These can be pre-arranged or proposed on the spot.


4 October:
Presentation: Kelly Jakubowski “Music and imagination”
NEMuR meeting planning (https://www.nemur.uk/)

18 October:
Presentation: Juliano Abramovay “Title TBA” (remote presentation)
WEIRD paper discussion
NEMuR meeting planning

1 November:
Presentation: Akvilė Jadzgevičiūtė “How People Categorise Music”
Journal club: Muthukrishna, M., Bell, A. V., Henrich, J., Curtin, C. M., Gedranovich, A., McInerney, J., & Thue, B. (2020). Beyond Western, Educated, Industrial, Rich, and Democratic (WEIRD) Psychology: Measuring and Mapping Scales of Cultural and Psychological Distance. Psychological Science, 31(6), 678–701. https://doi.org/10.1177/0956797620916782
NEMuR meeting planning

15 November:
Presentation: Aliya Edwards “Music and memory”
WEIRD paper discussion

29 November:
Presentation/discussion: Joshua Schlichting “Rhythm reproduction and cognition”
WEIRD paper discussion

13 December:
Journal club: Bannister, S. (2020). A survey into the experience of musically induced chills: Emotions, situations and music. Psychology of Music. 48(2), 297-314.
Possible guest speaker