Academic Workshops

The first IEMP workshop was held from 13-15 May 2016 at Durham University. Presentations on the musical cultures to be studied in the IEMP project and existing entrainment analysis methods were given by 15 researchers from across the globe.


The second IEMP workshop was held from 10-12 March 2017, with an Open Workshop that was attended by 12 postgraduate students and early career researchers on 9th March. The workshop focused on presenting the first outcomes of the IEMP project, including analysis methods for measuring musical entrainment from both video and audio data. Ongoing discussions focused on developing experimental paradigms for testing the perception of musical entrainment in both lab and field studies.


A third IEMP workshop will be held in March 2018 in Genoa, Italy, hosted by the InfoMus Lab at Casa Paganini.

Visiting Research Fellowships

September & October 2016: Nikki Moran was hosted at the Durham Music Department for the first Visiting Research Fellowship of the IEMP project. Her visit focused on developing collaborative research on a dataset of audiovisual and motion capture recordings of jazz duo improvisations.

October 2016: Adrian Poole was hosted as our second Visiting Fellow. His project focuses on measuring interaction from multi-track audio and video recordings of Cuban music performances.

November 2016: Mark Doffmann’s Visiting Fellowship focused on analysis of audio and video data from jazz performances in live gig settings.

January 2017: Rainer Polak and Nori Jacoby worked on the design and stimulus construction for an experiment on timing judgements of jembe drumming trios to be implemented in field research in Mali.

March 2017: Richard Jankowsky’s Visiting Fellowship focused on audio analysis of stambeli recordings from Tunisia and possible adaptions of this material into an experimental paradigm to be run in the field.

March 2017: Martín Rocamora’s visit focused on the analysis and development of auditory stimuli for experiments on Uruguayan candombe drumming.

Collaborative research in the Music and Science Lab