Music & Science Symposium 2018: Highlights of the Event

Last month, the Music & Science Lab held its third Music & Science Symposium; a one-day event at the Music Department at Durham University. The day was jam-packed with interesting talks on diverse topics from researchers, both from Durham University and other Universities. One of the main focuses of this symposium was to be a … Continue reading Music & Science Symposium 2018: Highlights of the Event

The Newcomer’s View of Reviewing

Blog Post written by Annaliese Micallef Grimaud & Matthias Lichtenfeld 9:23am Coffee #1 Monday morning: windy and rainy Booting the laptop to life and…*ping* The email account showed our new administrative task. That’s us, the new DURMS (Durham Undergraduate Research in Music & Science) editorial assistants. The Durham University Music & Science Lab has published its … Continue reading The Newcomer’s View of Reviewing