Presentation slots will be 20 minutes in duration (which should be divided as: 15 minute talk + 4 minutes of questions + 1 minute changeover to next speaker). Your Session Chair will keep timings and give a warning if you are running over your allocated time slot. Featured Lectures are 45 minutes in duration (we advise around 35-40 minute talk + 5-10 minutes of questions).

If you are using Powerpoint slides or other visual aids, there will be a large screen on which to display these, with speakers for playing music and sound examples. A PC computer will be provided on which you can upload your slides/ other presentation materials via USB stick; we strongly encourage you use this designated presentation computer since it has been tested prior to the conference to ensure connectivity to the projector system. If you need to use your own laptop, you may do so, but should ensure you bring any necessary adaptors for an HDMI connection and check that your device works with the system well in advance of your presentation. Presenters should check their materials on the presentation system either during the registration hour or in a coffee/lunch break preceding their talk.

If you have any other technical needs or queries, please contact the Organising Committee (