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ISSN: 2631-8342

Volume 2, Autumn 2019

Editors’ Note

Kelly Jakubowski & Liila Taruffi (p. 1)

Does Background Music Affect Foreign Language Vocabulary Learning?

Aneta Baďurová (p. 2-8)

Musical Preferences: The Effect of Birth Order on Musical Influences

Rhiannon Bailey (p. 9-21)

When and Where are Chills Induced in Musicians?

Elias Barrett, Ceren Ayyildiz, Kate Arnold, & Claudia Atkinson (p. 22-26)

Gregorian Chant and Verbal Learning

Emma Bonnard (p. 27-31)

The Effects of Tempo, Texture, and Instrument on Felt Emotions

Emily Daws (p. 32-39)

The Influence Between Traits of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Emotion Perception in Speech and Music

Libby Dillon (p. 40-49)

Is There a Trend in Non-Synaesthetes for Choosing Colours in Relation to Keys?

Isabella Elwes (p. 50-57)

The Impact of Instrument Familiarity on Pitch Recognition in Non-Absolute Pitch Musicians

Finlay Gordon, Lucy Parr, Amy Simpson, & Emma Stephens* (p. 58-62)

*All authors contributed equally to this article.

The Effects of Visual Stimuli on Induced Emotional Responses in Popular Music

Samantha Hutchinson (p. 63-74)

Untangling Musical Intuition: Is Absolute Pitch an Aid in Recognising Musical Form?

Alice Latham & Imogen Morgan* (p. 75-81)

*Both authors contributed equally to this article.

The Relationship between Subclinical Autism and Absolute Pitch in Musicians and Non-Musicians

Isabel Mastrolonardo (p. 82-98)

Musicianship, Tonality, and Subjective Time: Musical Sophistication Predicts Retrospective Time Judgements for Tonal (but not Atonal) Chord Progressions

Matt Moore, Joy Sutcliffe, & Nico Wood-Olivan (p. 99-106)

Music Preferences of those on the Left and Right of the UK Political Spectrum: What Can be Deduced about Individuals’ Music Libraries from their Political Attitudes?

Michaela Redhead (p. 107-121)

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