martin_claytonMartin Clayton, Professor of Ethnomusicology

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Research Interests: Hindustani (North Indian) classical music, rhythmic analysis, comparative musicology and early field recordings, British-Asian music and Western music in India.



Tuomas Eerola, Professor of Music Cognition

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Research Interests: Music and emotions, music and sadness, music and movement, film music, perception of rhythm, timbre, and chords, cross-cultural research.



Laura Leante, Associate Professor in Ethnomusicology

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Research Interests: Indian classical and folk music, music of the South Asian diaspora, performance analysis, music and globalisation, popular music, music semiotics.



Nick Collins, Professor in Composition

Research Interests: Musical artificial intelligence, machine listening, computational musicology, empirical studies of musical influence, perception of electronic music.




Kelly Jakubowski, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

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Research Interests: Music & memory, musical imagery, earworms, absolute pitch, ensemble coordination & entrainment.



s200_george.athanasopoulosGeorge Athanasopoulos, Postdoctoral Research Associate

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Research Interests: Cognitive ethnomusicology, music psychology, conceptual blending, music and imagery



Simone Tarsitani, Research Technician

Research Interests: Music technology, audiovisual documentation and analysis, digital archives, African music, ritual music, popular music.




SCB StockScott Bannister, PhD Student

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Research Interests: Music and emotions, chills, psychophysiology, music neuroscience, cross-cultural research, popular music, and music in society.



James Armitage, PhD student

Research Interests: music and emotion; music and attention; cross-modal priming.




Annaliese Micallef Grimaud photo
Annaliese Micallef Grimaud, PhD student

Research Interests: Music and emotions, music composition, felt and perceived emotions, emotion manipulation, music expectancy and music perception – emotional responses to music.





Matthias Lichtenfeld, PhD student

Research Interests: music and emotion; musical communication chain; emotional experiences and perspectives of performers.




Past members

julian%20cespedes-guevara%20-%20photoJulian Céspedes-Guevara, Graduate Teaching Associate

ResearchGate Profile

Research Interests: Music and emotions; music and empathy; music, body and movement, and entrainment.




Lara pic 2017
Lara Pearson, Associated Researcher

Research Interests: South Indian music, embodied music cognition, aesthetics, music transmission, gesture, music improvisation, and cultural heritage.