The Newcomer’s View of Reviewing

Blog Post written by Annaliese Micallef Grimaud & Matthias Lichtenfeld 9:23am Coffee #1 Monday morning: windy and rainy Booting the laptop to life and…*ping* The email account showed our new administrative task. That’s us, the new DURMS (Durham Undergraduate Research in Music & Science) editorial assistants. The Durham University Music & Science Lab has published its … Continue reading The Newcomer’s View of Reviewing

What is an impact of an article? (Part II)

As described in Part I (What is an impact of an article?), there are several ways of assessing the merits of an article. Article-level metrics avoid some of the problems associated with the publication forums and the costs involved in expert evaluations, but these do introduce other dilemmas worth discussing. An article may sometimes be cited for reasons … Continue reading What is an impact of an article? (Part II)

What is an impact of an article? (Part I)

We all strive to do and publish high quality research and most of us think we know such work when reading it, but how do we collectively gauge the quality of journal articles? And why should we try to weigh scholarly outputs anyway? Well, such appraisal might be attractive and useful when describing the overall … Continue reading What is an impact of an article? (Part I)